Born and based in Vienna, Christoph Weber is a conceptual sculptor and artistic researcher. He develops projects that reflect on the politics of human and non-human intra-actions through sculptural material transformations and research-based interrogations. Questions regarding the materiality of the art object have informed his practice in multiple ways: he studied the materiality of dematerialized art of the 60ies, explored artistic methodologies in accordance with material histories of chosen contexts and researched the agency of the built environment. 

From 2009, he devoted himself exclusively to the material concrete for about a decade. For him, concrete has become a medium through which the state of global communities can be critically negotiated in diverse and nuanced ways. This quintessentially universal, utopian and modernist material is also highly destructive and green-washed – with underlying contradictions that indicate the tensions within human societies and with planetary futures. 

By creating settings of situated perception with conceptual sculptural methods he uses the role of art in the contemporary realm to navigate historical and speculative future contexts.


Postgraduate Degree: Meisterschüler (Astrid Klein), 2005, HGB Leipzig, Germany

Master of Fine Arts (Astrid Klein), 2002, Diplom, HGB Leipzig, Germany

Studies at

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Sculpture with Georg Herold), 2002–2003, Germany 

HGB Leipzig (Fine Arts with Astrid Klein) 1999–2002, Germany 

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Vienna (Conceptual Art & Postcolonial Studies with Renée Green) 2000–2001, Austria

HGB Leipzig (Photography) 1997–1999, Germany 


2023 Working Grant, City of Vienna, MA7

2020 InConcrete Stones, Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem

2018 SilvrettAtelier, Montafon, Austria 

2013 Art Austria Award

2010 Artist in Residence, ISCP, New York City, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna

2008 Outstanding Artist Award, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna

2008 Artist in Residence, Cité des Arts, Paris, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna

2007 State Scholarship Fine Arts, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna

2003 Artist in Residence, ISCP, New York City, Kulturstiftung Sachsen

1997 Three Year Studying/Working grant Photography, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna


2022/24 Reverse Imagining Vienna, hosted by University of Applied Arts, Vienna, financed by the City of Vienna, MA7, project lead with Nikolaus Eckhard

2021/22 Greenwashed Concrete, INTRA project at University of Applied Arts, project lead with Nikolaus Eckhard

2020/21 InConcrete Stones, Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem


2024 Visiting Professor, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Arts, Photography 

2020 Lecturer, The Agency of Concrete, University of Applied Arts, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Arts, Klasse Skulptur und Raum, Vienna

2019 Visiting Professor, The Agency of Concrete, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, Art and Architecture, ENAC SAR

2018 Visiting Professor, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Institute of Fine Arts and Media Arts, TransArts


2024 Reverse Imagining Vienna, AIL Vienna (with Nikolaus Eckhard)

2023 Facing the Technosphere, Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

2022 Touch Fragments, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris Romainville

Posthuman Stones, EAVT Paris-Est, curated by Anna Rosellini (with Nikolaus Eckhard)

Artspace, Wien (with Judith Fegerl)

2021 Geteilter Raum, Brigitte Kowanz & Christoph Weber, Collectors Agenda, Vienna

2019 FRAGILE, Earth and Sky, Maria Elisabetta Novello, Christoph Weber, Anna Marra Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy, curated by Giorgia Gastaldon

2018 Contact, Ibid Gallery, Los Angeles

2017 On Fold, ProjecteSD, Barcelona

2016 Judith Fegerl, Christoph Weber, KV Leipzig, Germany

Carte Blanche à Birgit Werres: Christoph Weber, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Germany

Carton / pierre, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

2015 Das Obskure im Konkreten, O.T., Vienna (collaboration with Andreas Duscha)

Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

2013 uncast, ibid, London

2012 10, 25, 80 - ProjecteSD, Barcelona

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

2010 loose concrete, Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

2008 Opening of BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna, curated by Christine Kintisch and Brigitte Huck

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

2007 silent disbelief, Neue Galerie, Studio, Graz, curated by Elisabeth Fiedler

Damage#1, Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Login, Vienna

2005 Objets Externes, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

2004  Playback Spaces, Display, Prague

Eines abends spät in der Zukunft, Kubus, Leipzig (collaboration with Clemens von Wedemeyer)

Stagnation, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

GROUP SHOWS (selection)

2024  Volume invisible, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris Romainville

2023  Sur Le Fil (On the Line), Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris Romainville

Supermodels, Kunstraum SUPER, Vienna

Projectesd 2003 - 2023, Projected, Barcelona

2022  La Suite de l’Histoire, Musée du Louvre, Paris

Varia, Abbaye St André, Centre d’art contemporain Meymac, Meymac, France

Via Detour, Baumhaushotel Robins Nest, Witzenhausen, Deutschland; curated by Maria Hinze

2021  House of Losing Control, Vienna Art Week, Wien

Vienna Biennale for Change, CLIMATE CARE: Reimagining Shared Planetary Futures, MAK Vienna

InConcrete Stones, Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem, curated by Maayan Sheleff

PROTESTformen, online Festival, curated by Judith Fegerl and Günther Friesinger

Austrian Sculpture Park, Graz, Artist in Residence, commissioned piece

2020  InConcrete Stones, Manofim Jerusalem (online), Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem, curated by Maayan Sheleff

Galerie Anke Schmidt, Cologne, curated by Rolf Ricke

Silence is so Accurate, Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp, curated by Liens Craps

2019  Discrete Austrian Secrets, The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China, curated by Margareta Sandhofer

70.001, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris, France

50 Jahre, Steinbruch Lindabrunn, Austria, curated by Günther Friesinger

SilvrettAtelier, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis BV:BKV, Bregenz, Austria

Der Duft der Bilder, Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Delmenhorst, Germany

Kalt, Ve.Sch Verein für Raum und Form in der Bildenden Kunst, Vienna

2018  Structures of Thought, Structura Gallery, Sofia, curated by Walter Seidl and Maria Vassileva

Face Contre Terre, Le SHED, France

Der Duft der Bilder, Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim, curated by Beate Kemfert

Sculpture as History, Sculpture Festival Ping Yao, China, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

Guerre aux démolisseurs!, Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archéologie de Besançon, France

Just So Stories, Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

2017  don’t call it off-space!, das weisse haus, Vienna

Perpetual Construction: A Dialogue with the House of Jean Prouvé III, CAB Art Center Brussels

Wasserbiennale, Fürstenfeld, curated by Günther Pedrotti

La idea en un signo, Cóllection Sánchez-Ubiría, Centro de arte Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Damage Control, Ibid Gallery, Los Angeles

Three Positions. Six Directions. Chapter I: The Brutalist Ideal - König Galerie, Berlin

Black Magic, Christine König Galerie, Vienna, curated by Andreas Duscha

2016  Le futur doit être dangereux, Musée des Beaux Arts de Dôle, Dôle 

Der fremde Raum (Bizarre Spaces), Marta Herford, Germany, curated by Friederike Fast

Die Sprache der Dinge, Materialgeschichten aus der Sammlung, 21er Haus, Vienna

Choices Paris 2016, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

not really really, Brussels

2015  Palinsesti, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy, curated by Giorgia Gastaldon

Parallel United, Parallelvienna, Vienna

Mortel - suite et fin, FRAC Basse-Normandie, Caen, curated by Mathieu Mercier

Flirting with Strangers, 21er Haus, Vienna

Tree House Down, ibid, Los Angeles

Sommerfrische, Weyregg, Austria, curated by Lucas Cuturi

Passion, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Mainzer Ansichten, Kunsthalle Mainz, Mainz, curated by Thomas Trummer

ELSEWHERE. Observations on Islands, Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna, curated by Marlies Wirth

2014  New York Stories: Twenty Years of ISCP, ISCP, New York City, NY

La Biennale de Belleville 3, Pavillon Carré de Baudoin, Paris

Another Ghost, Gallery 100, Taipei

Merzen, LiveInYourHead, Geneva

Post / Postminimal, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland, curated by Konrad Bitterli

2013  An I for an Eye, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, curated by S. Gregory and A. Stadler

Collection, FRAC Basse-Normandie, Caen

The Christoph Project, Kunstforum Pro Arte, Hallein, Austria, curated by Christoph Draeger

On Things, On Minds, Kunstverein Schattendorf, curated by F. Seiz, I. Eden and S. Lernout

map, record, picture, sculpture, ProjecteSD, Barcelona

In The Shape of Things to Come, Vesch, Vienna, curated by Sonia Leimer

2012  Spieltrieb, Ibid Gallery, London

Biennale de Belleville 2, Paris

Luisa Kasalicky und Christoph Weber, Projektraum, Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Vienna

Sleepwalking, Freies Museum Berlin

Independent, New York City

2011  Zizania, Lage3zu20, Berlin, curated by Marie Graftieaux

Villa Tokyo, Tokyo, organized by raster gallery, Warsaw

Archivisions #2, Le PARVIS centre d’art, curated by Magali Gentet

Judith Fegerl und Christoph Weber, In der Kubatur des Kabinetts, Fluc, Vienna

Schattendorfbiennale, Kunstverein Schattendorf, curated by Christian Egger

Livret III, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, curated by Laurent Montaron

Les amis de mes amis sont mes amis, Hommage to Jan Mancuska, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Prolonged Exposure, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, curated by Maayan Sheleff

LE CHOIX DU TITRE EST UN FAUX PROBLÈME, cneai, Paris, curated by Samon Takahashi

Independent, New York City

2010  10.11.2010-23.12.2010, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris, curated by E. Verhagen and Jocelyn Wolff

Open Studios, ISCP, New York

Psychosculptures, Vleeshal, Middelburg, The Netherlands, curator by Lorenzo Benedetti

in:system, Schloß Ulmerfeld, Austria, curated by Anna Spohn, Bernhard Hosa

Independent, New York City

Arrivals and Departures, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, curated by Andrea Bruciati, Walter Gasperoni

Fine Line, Galerie Georg Kargl, Vienna, curated by Fiona Liewehr

2009  Reception: Pieter Vermeersch hosts... ProjecteSD, Barcelona

Sleepwalking, temporary gallery cologne, curator: Amer Abbas

Antirepresentationalism III, kow-gallery, Berlin, curated by Alexander Koch, Nikolaus Oberhuber

Antirepresentationalism II, kow-gallery, Berlin, curated by Alexander Koch, Nikolaus Oberhuber

Antirepresentationalism I, kow-gallery, Berlin, curated by Alexander Koch, Nikolaus Oberhuber

Eté 2009, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Frontières Invisibles, Lille3000, Lille, curated by Elena Sorokina

2008  Notorious, Frac Ile de France - Le Plateau, Paris, curated by Xavier Franceschi

Bass Diffusion Model, Fieldgate Gallery, London, curated by Caroline Soyez and Gallien Dejean

[Scene Missing], Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, curated by Fiona Liewehr

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, curated by Antonia Lotz

[Scene Missing], Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, curated by Fiona Liewehr

2007  Kunstverein dasweissehaus, Vienna, curated by Elsy Lahner

On fait le mur, L'Espace d'Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux, France. curated by Jean-Marc Avrilla

Kopf oder Zahl, Kunstraum NOE, Wien. curated by Tina Schulz, Helmut Mark

2006  Egon Schiele. Vorbild und Widersacher in der zeitgenössischen Kunst. Atelier Augarten, Vienna

curated by Tobias G. Natter and Thomas Trummer

wood, photographs,... , Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Suma, Wien, curated by Susanne Klien, Markus Strobl

Villa Warsaw, Raster Gallery Summer Festival, Warschau

Nothing but Pleasure, BAWAG Foundation, Wien, curated by Christine Kintisch, Brigitte Huck 

Videothèque Mobile, Architecture University, Paris, curated by Maelle Dault

2005. MeisterschülerInnenausstellung, HGB Leipzig

Loop, Video Art Festival, Barcelona

2004  Der Sprung im Wasserglas, Kunstraum B2, Leipzig, curated by Ulrike Kremeier, Alexander Koch 

Nine points of the Law, NGBK, Berlin, curated by Arbeitsgruppe Fotografie

2003  Open Studio, ISCP, New York City, USA

Rundgang, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Klasse Georg Herold

2002  Falsche Freunde, Galerie Barakk, Berlin. curated by Tobias Laukemper

Playing in the dirt while the others work, Galerie Fisk, Bergen, Norwegen